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Earn MUJI Mile

1 MUJI Shopping Point = 1 INR.
Download MUJI passport and earn MUJI Mile by in-store purchases and other interactions with MUJI passport. When accrued MUJI Mile attains specific stage, MUJI Shopping Points will be rewarded for using as cash in next purchase.

About MUJI passport

Scan product code to receive product information and search for stores with available stock. Receive MUJI news, coupons and experience a more convenient and pleasant life.

MUJI passport Exclusive Privileges

  • Birthday Reward

    Register your Date of Birth at MUJI passport before your birthday and gain extra 500 points on the 1st day of next month.
    You can gain additional Mile bonus +20% by shopping on your birthday.

  • Coupons & MUJI News

    Receive coupons and news from MUJI anytime, anywhere.

Earn MUJI Mile

  • Present MUJI passport during in-store purchase to earn MUJI Mile.
    Date of Birth cannot be amended by user after registration.

  • Use MUJI passport to post comments, tapping “Want it” or “Have it” products to earn MUJI Mile.
    Earn MUJI Mile by posting product comments, daily upper limit is 5 times. Earn MUJI Mile by tapping “Want it” or “Have it” products, daily upper limit is 5 times for each. You cannot earn MUJI Mile, upon reaching the daily limit.

  • Use MUJI passport to check-in at stores to earn MUJI Mile.
    Only one check in is allowed at the same store daily, daily upper limit is 5 times. You cannot earn MUJI Mile, upon reaching the daily limit.

Save Your ID and PIN

In case of reinstallation of MUJI passport due to loss or change of device, ID and PIN will be required for account recovery. Please tap “Copy to Email” on “ID / PIN Confirmation” page and copy to your personal email. Or you may authorize Facebook or Instagram account to recover MUJI passport account without ID and PIN.

  • ※View ID and PIN on "ID / PIN Confirmation" page in main menu at top left corner of MUJI passport.
  • ※ID and PIN are personal confidential information. Please save your ID and PIN to avoid any loss or damage from unauthorised usage.

Using MUJI passport

Tap “passport” (lower right corner of the screen: ①)and start below services:

  • ② Check reward record, settings and user profile (register your Date of Birth to enjoy birthday reward).
  • ③ Confirm your MUJI Mile and MUJI Shopping Point.
  • ④ Please present this page when you check out in store.
  • ⑤ Usage information.
  • ⑥ Available coupons (thumbnail will not appear if there is no available coupon).
  • ⑦ News from MUJI.
  • ⑧ Search for products or MUJI stores.
  • ⑨ Check-in at MUJI stores to gain MUJI Mile (Only one check-in is allowed at the same store daily, daily upper limit is 5 times).
  • ⑩ Add your favourite products and stores to the list.

Ways of Searching Products

Scan product code at store and receive product information.

  • 3 ways of searching products:
  • ① Enter product name.
  • ② Access camera and scan product code (Place the red line on the screen at the center of produce code, adjust focal distance at about 15-20cm until the frame turns green).
  • ③ Search product category.

※Operating system: iOS9 or above, Android 4.1 or above (Operation of Apps may vary according to different devices).


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